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About Us

PETAWATT is distributer of products and services that are characterized by the highest quality standards and sustainable reliability and performance. The system components meet the highest requirements for reliability and durability thanks to continuous quality controls during the manufacturing process and strict operational checks, and are certified according to German and international standards. Additionally we are providing complete market-leading modules with 25-year linear service guarantee as well as intelligent mounting systems.

PETAWATT offers:



Project development

Environmental engineering

PETAWATT is Accredited Professional and partner to ONYXSOLAR

Company oriented towards green energy devoted to the design and manufacture of photovoltaic building materials, commonly known as Building Integrated Photovoltaics’ (BIPV). These technologies not only generate electricity from the sun, but also provide thermal and acoustic insulation, natural lighting, and UV/IR filters in innovative, state-of-the-art designs.

"Solar Architecture is not about fashion, it’s about survival". Sir Norman Foster

Onyx Solar's professional gather 30 years of experience engineering and installing photovoltaic technology integrating it on buildings as well as in solar farms, accumulating over 50.000 installed kWp and 30.000m².Among the solar solutions we are offering photovoltaic skylights, curtain walls and other façade systems.

Our Mision

To lead the process of improving the power solutions across the Balkans with reliable and cost-effective solutions. To help our clients use the sun to power everyday life: running the air conditioner, washing clothing, watching TV, cooking dinner – our 2 main focus points being – REDUCING THE ENERGY BILL and RETURN OF INVESTMENT.

Our Vision

To conquer the market of the solar industry, become its leaders, and expand on international level. We aim to make Petawat a recognizable name with high-quality service, excellent cutomer care and proper special responsibility

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