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Residential Rooftop

Project Description

Photovoltaic (PV) power systems convert sunlight directly into electricity. A residential PV power system enables a homeowner to generate some or all of their daily electrical energy demand on their own roof, exchanging daytime excess power for future energy needs (i.e. nighttime usage). The house remains connected to the electric utility at all times, so any power needed above what the solar system can produce is simply drawn from the utility. PV systems can also include battery backup or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capability to operate selected circuits in the residence for hours or days during a utility outage.

There are several ways to install a PV array at a residence. Most PV systems produce 162 Watts per square meter of array area. This is based on a variety of different technologies and the varying efficiency of different PV products (exp.260Wp PV panel). A typical 2- kW PV system will need 12.8 square meter of unobstructed area to site the system. Consideration should also be given for access to the system. This access space can add up to 20% of needed area to the mounting area required.

Our racking systems are highly functional mounting systems solutions for photovoltaic assemblies around the world designed précised with specific Planning software for individually client and project and for all types of roofs (flat, tile, corrugated fiber cement, trapezoidal sheet metal, standing/ground seam roof) and their facings & angle.

Considering the most important criteria’s: wind & snow loads, weight & ballast calculations in every single project.